Grateful Artist

The Grateful Artist is anyone who appreciates and takes time to make art as a way to improve mood, energy and flow.

Grateful Artist
Marigold and Salad Burnet leaves

Making art is fun and does wonders for your brain, health, mood and energy.  Each time you practice ways to create your own art at home,   and then make art you will feel lighter, more joy and gratitude because you will tap into your own innate wisdom and peace.

wallpaper poppies
wallpaper poppies

Services offered:

The Grateful Artist

Grateful Artist
Joyful Figures

This art class is set up to teach you a new skill and technique in watercolor and drawing that is guaranteed to be fun, engaging and inspirational to your creative life.

You will be encouraged to use these skills and techniques a little each day  in a creativity space you set up for yourself in your home or office

Class is located at my Arlington home: 6020 26th Road North and often travels to fun coffee bistro’s, parks and creative spaces depending on the weather, technique or skill being learned  and agreement of the participants.

Art for Children

Bring-your-child-to-work day at World Bank April 27
Children’s painting

Creativity is important for everyone and our children especially need to cultivate their awareness of skills, techniques and processes that help them learn the most as their creative brains are developing.  I offer art classes in my Arlington home on Saturdays with open options during  school breaks.