Personal Art

Personal Art
Birds in the garden in my parents backyard remind of time we shared looking out the window and the wildlife in the yard.

My personal art is a discipline that helps me focus, feel good, express myself as I would like to be.  I make art to help myself improve my skills in drawing and painting.  Art requires observation and connection with the the object being rendered.  it means deepening my understanding of what is present: the shadows, colors, textures, movement, light.

Personal Art
Learning to paint in a particular style is rewarding

There are times when being very realistic is rewarding.  Non-representational work is fulfilling as I find the right colors, pressure, size and shape that expresses things that words, or realism cannot communicate.

My Art
Making non-representational art is rewarding in mark making and process to express concepts not found in the dictionary

The process of my personal art  is a creative journey that deepens my understanding of myself and my life experiences.  I enjoy being good at many things in art so I have not yet decided on only one type of medium or process.  My realm of focus is in drawing and painting.  I prefer oil paints and pencils and am adding watercolor and collage to the mix.    My desire  is to express the gratefulness I feel for life and to uplift my spirits by making art.

Luna's art of the cat
Luna’s art of the cat

I teach children and believe deeply in their abilities, creative potential and willingness to be fearless.   As an adult I have experienced along with everyone else the feelings that are detrimental to expressing the inner creativity we came with.  We have all been scared by a teacher, parent, friend or foe who was critical of our art which is very personal to each of us.  Drawing into our protective shell we settle for less than our incredible creative potential for expression.

My goal as an artist and as a teacher is to foster, nurture and develop the creative empowerment we feel when we engage with life, creativity and ourselves to continue to express our unique and authentic voice.  Art is effortless joy enabling us to safely and happily find what it is we hope to discover about ourselves, our abilities, our life here in the present moment.

Art is a self-actualizing process that “represents growth of an individual toward fulfillment of the highest needs”.  That is why art is transforming.  It actually helps change the patterns of the brain so individuals can function on a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

My personal art is my process developing skills, exploring materials and ways art can deepen my life experiences.  It makes me happy, brings joy to my life and I believe it will do the same for you.