These Buddha collages are practicing peace and mindfulness, holding space for the many more collages to appear on this page.  Patience is part of the process.

The awesome energetic, colors and lines in these papers is created as part of  the paste paper process.  Learning to make paste papers is one of the most fun things you can do as creative play.  I’m looking forward to sharing the process in workshops and classes.

Below is one of the really cool 18″ x 24″ papers I have discovered how to create using glue and watercolor.  The rich blue along with the relief texture is an exciting new possibility in collage.

How is it done?  Apply glue to paper, let dry and then paint watercolor over top.  There are a few variations to make it interesting.  I discovered my own techniques and so can you.  Just begin to experiment and you will invent and discover all for yourself how these simple materials can make a mystical and calming retreat from the coo -coo nutty world “out there”.